Session V: Young Researchers lightning talks

Chair: TBD

14:45 PM Spyridon Papageorgakis

York University

Primitive Rebels and the Balkans, A Case Study in Greek Banditry
14:50 PM Peter Milonas

York University

The Golden Dawn and the Foreign Press
14:55 PM Eythymios Papadopoulos

University of Toronto

High Intensity Training for Men with Prostate Cancer on Active Surveillance: A proposal
15:00 PM Ioannis Vazaios

Queen’s University

The geometrical modelling of rockmasses and their integration into underground projects
15:05 PM Georgios Kolliopoulos

University of Toronto

Recovery of Fresh Water from Industrial Effluents by Forward Osmosis
15:10 PM Elli Papangelaki

University of Waterloo

The Urban Stream Syndrome: causes, failures, and the search for a cure
15:15 PM Georgios Giotis

University of Toronto

The Seismic Performance Assessment Study of a Reinforced Concrete Structure using Hybrid Simulation