Established in 1991, the Hellenic Canadian Academic Association of Ontario (HCAAO) is the Association of Canadian Academics of Hellenic descent working as faculty members in Ontario Universities.

On April 8th 2017, the HCAAO organized its 1st Annual Symposium. It took place at the University of Toronto and was organized under the auspices of the Greek Consulate of Toronto and the generous support of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation. The meeting was designed with the aim to:

  • Provide a platform that will enhance academic collaboration among HCAAO members  and allow them to get to know each other, both professionally and personally.
  • Provide space for students and members of the public to engage in conversation with HCAAO members, communicate their expertise, share their experiences and socialize.
  • Increase the engagement of the Greek Canadian academic community within the rest of the Greek Canadian community.
  • Promote awareness through an open panel discussion on important issues from the Greek, Canadian or Global context that are of broad interest  in society.

The meeting was very dynamic, academically insightful and very exciting. There were more than 130 registrations, including around 60 Ontario Faculty members, and more than 100 people attended the meeting consistently throughout the day. Sixteen Faculty members from various Academic Institutions in Ontario presented their Research and Academic work, along with eight graduate students. Our Keynote Speaker, Prof Psalidopoulos, representative of Greece in the IMF, delivered a wonderful talk on the “The Social and Economic Welfare Impacts in Greece and the Diaspora from the Greek Crisis”, followed by a very interesting Panel Discussion.

This year, on Saturday April 6st, the 3 rd HCAAO Symposium will  be taking place  at the main campus of the University of Toronto. Just like last year, we will continue to showcase the scientific excellence of Greek or Greek Canadian Academics of Ontario but this year we will be focusing in the arts and culture, as well as promote networking opportunities and build collaborations and relationships.

See you all there!


Ioannis Dimitriou, PhD               Scientist, Princess Margaret Center, Toronto
Helen Dimaras, PhD                     Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Petros Pechlivanoglou, PhD      Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Sakis Gekas, PhD Associate       Professor, University of York, Toronto
Nota Klentrou, PhD                       Professor, Brock University,  St. Catherines
Dimitris Latsis, PhD                       Assistant Professor, Ryerson University, Toronto
Vladimiros Papangelakis, PhD Professor, University of Toronto, Toronto